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February 20, 2010: Weekly 5 minute update (Audio file and links to articles)

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

In this week’s 5 minute update, we began by making an important ministry announcement that Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int’l has DRASTICALLY improved and updated the existing websites of the ministry which are:


These two websites now contain various subject tabs that will now allow a seeker of the Hebraic roots understanding to easily learn a particular study subject through written articles as well as audio and video teachings.

In addition, there are two NEW websites. They are:

  1.   This is a blog of the weekly 5 minute update containing links to the articles read on the 5 minute update as well as a link to listen to the audio and video versions of the update.
  2.  This is the personal website of Eddie Chumney where you can quickly find out what Eddie is doing and how to stay in touch with him.

Eddie Chumney and Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int’l are now on Facebook and Twitter.

As far as the news update, we continued to focus the update on three particular areas:

  1. The current situation with the Middle East peace process
  2. The current situation with Iran
  3. The continued prospects of an economic collapse in the USA and the world

Regarding the current situation with the peace process, we shared two articles.  These two articles state the following:

  1. The PLO has agreed to “indirect talks” with Israel through the United States. David Hale, the U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs and deputy to U.S.  Middle East envoy George Mitchell has given Mahmood Abbas assurances that the “indirect talks”  will entail clarification regarding the issue of the 1967 borders and a timetable to move from “indirect talks” to direct talks. Israel is hoping that direct talks will take place anywhere from two weeks to two to three months from now.
  2. PLO Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in a meeting with prominent US Jewish leaders stated that he is optimistic that a climate is being created to start a political process which would “be capable of bring about the end of the conflict.”

My analysis of the situation is that in preparing for the possibility of a U.S. attack against Iran that the U.S. is asking Israel to provide for them “political cover” for the attack. This “political cover” that the U.S. needs for Israel to provide is to make an agreement with the PLO on the borders of a PLO state enabling the international community to recognize a PLO state with the agreed upon borders. This would be the goal and purpose of the “indirect negotiations” leading to direct negotiations.

Should the U.S. attack Iran, there would be great international backlash especially in the Muslim world against the U.S. and Israel for going to war with Iran and creating world instability.  Should the U.S. attack Iran, there would be a great economic fallout in the world in addition to the political backlash against the U.S. and Israel. In order to convince the international community that the U.S. and Israel is doing something to solve the conflict between Israel and the PLO which the Arab world claims is the central issue for conflict in the Middle East, Israel needs to give this “political cover” to the USA BEFORE the USA would attack Iran. BEFORE the USA attacks Iran, it needs to do TWO things first:

  1. Demonstrate that it has gone the “extra mile” to convince Iran to give up its nuclear intentions by imposing a last round of sanctions against Iran
  2. Receive “political cover” from Israel that the US and Israel are actively engaging on trying to solve the “central issue” of conflict in the Middle East between Israel and the Arab world

Regarding the Iranian situation, I shared two articles. They are:

  1. Russian warns the USA against attacking Iran
  2. Russia plans to go forward with providing Iran with the S-300 defense systems

My analysis is that Russia is not helping the US with its goal and desire to prevent Iran from accomplishing its nuclear intentions. As a result, if the USA is going to attack Iran, it will have to attack Iran by itself. Russia is playing a game of chess against the USA to take advantage of a US attack against Iran to bring down the US as a world power through the devastating consequence to the USA of an attack against Iran.

Finally, the last two articles of the “5 minute update” pertains to news which could effect the future impact of the US economy.  They are as follows:

  1. US bank lending in 2010 has fallen at its fastest rate in US history
  2. The Chinese cut back on the purchase of US treasuries in December, 2009 helping foreign holdings of US treasury bills (government debt) to fall by a record $53 billion in December, 2009. Japan has now replaced China as the largest holder of US government debt

The significance of these developments is if these trends continue that it dramatically increases the possibility of the collapse of the US dollar and the US government going bankrupt. Contrary to popular explanation, the REAL cause of the great depression of the 1930’s was a radical drop of the US money supply. In other words, it was created because of the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve. During the great depression, there was high unemployment and a reduction in bank lending.

These events are related to the tribulation. An agreement to divide the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem is a tribulation event. A US attack against Iran is a tribulation event. A collapse of the US and world economy is a tribulation event (fall of the financial Babylon system).  From a Biblical prophetic perspective, the reason why the God of Israel would allow these events to happen is because it will result in the end of the exile of the house of Jacob and the reunification of the 12 tribes of Israel (Ephraim and Judah).

We will to be “watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem” and we will not rest until the God of Israel makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth (Isaiah 62).


Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int’l

P.S.  You may now watch the 5 minute update through video streaming at USTREAM.TV.

I would also encourage you to watch the video testimony of Bishop Salamat Khokhar of Pakistan who testifies how the God of Israel called him into a powerful healing and miracle working ministry, started over 100 churches and now is embracing the Hebraic roots of Christianity teaching these things to his churches in Pakistan. Here is the AUDIO testimony of Bishop Salamat Khokhar.

Also the  video testimony of members of Beit Yacov Hebraic Congregation and how they came into the Hebraic roots of Christianity and met Eddie. You may also listen to the AUDIO testimony of the members as well.

February 13, 2010: Weekly 5 minute update (Audio file and links to articles)

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

This website is a blog of the weekly 5 minute update by Eddie Chumney of Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int’l.  It will contain links to the audio file and articles which are a part of the weekly update.

The God of Israel has called His people to be “watchmen of Zion” (Isaiah 62:5-6).

A Biblical watchman is to “blow the shofar” to warn the people of the God of Israel. (Ezekiel 33:1-7)

This blog will contain updates on a weekly basis pertaining to events happening in the world which are associated with major prophecies that are related with the second coming of Yeshua the Messiah.  It will focus on the tribulation prophecies to divide the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem which will result in the judgment of the nations, the fall of Babylon and the end of the exile of the house of Jacob wherein Ephraim and Judah will be united (Ezekiel 37:15-28) and the Messiah will be glorified.

In this week’s article, I discuss the background and prophetic understanding of the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel while reviewing the article written by Monte Judah on the subject in the February 2010 issue of YAVOH! magazine.

Most prophecy teachers misunderstand the 70 week prophecy of Daniel because they do not understand the context of the prophecy.

In Daniel 9, Daniel realizes that he is coming to the end of the 70 years of Babylonian captivity prophesied in Jeremiah 25:9-11. As a result, Daniel is wondering whether these 70 years are THE exile for breaking the covenant given at Mount Sinai.

Daniel understands that in order to end the exile that the nation of Israel must repent of their sins. As a result, Daniel prays a prayer of repentance for the sins of the nation of Israel.

While Daniel is wondering whether these 70 years of Babylonian captivity is THE exile for breaking the covenant as detailed in the Torah and confessing the sins of the nation of Israel to possibly end the exile, the angel Gabriel appears to Daniel to give him understanding of his prayer request.

Daniel is told that 70 weeks are determined to end the exile.  The Hebrew word for “weeks” in this verse is “shavuim”. It is the masculine form of the Hebrew word, “Shavuah” which means “seven”. The feminine form of “weeks” is “shavuot” which is the Hebrew word for the “feast of weeks”. “Weeks” in Hebrew can mean “years”. Therefore, this prophecy can be interpreted to mean “70 years”.

Bible prophecies have different levels of meaning and application. The conclusion of the 70 weeks prophecy is the end of the exile of the nation of Israel and the coming of King Messiah to set up the Messianic Kingdom. The 70 weeks prophecy will accomplish the following seven things:

  1. To finish the transgression
  2. To make an end of sin
  3. To make atonement for iniquity
  4. To bring in everlasting righteousness
  5. To seal up vision
  6. To seal up prophecy
  7. To anoint the most holy place

Because the prophecy will result in the end of the exile of the nation of Israel and the setting up of the Messianic Era by King Messiah, the ultimate fulfillment of the prophecy pertains to the end of days.

On November 29, 1947 the United Nations voted to establish a “two state solution” for the land of Palestine and make Jerusalem an international city.  It was to go into effect at the end of the British mandate over Palestine on May 14, 1948.

UN Resolution 181 established that Jerusalem be an international city. The goal of the present peace process is to make Jerusalem an international city.

The prophecy of the 70 weeks (years) is divided into 62 weeks (years), 7 weeks (years) and then the final week (year) counting 70 weeks (shavuot). If 1948 was the first Shavuot (week / year) of the 70 week (years) prophecy then 2009 was the end of the first 62 week (year) period of the prophecy. If this is the correct interpretation of the prophecy then Shavuot, 2010 will be the beginning of the last 7 years of Daniel’s prophecy.

If this interpretation is correct then we should see events taking place in 2010 that are associated with the tribulation.  A US war with Iran is a tribulation event.  An agreement to divide the city of Jerusalem is a tribulation event.  The fall of the Babylonian economic system is a tribulation event.

If we see the nation of Israel agree to divide the city of Jerusalem in 2010 then we are in the tribulation. If we see a US war against Iran in 2010 then we are in the tribulation. If we see a collapse of the US dollar in 2010 then we are in the tribulation.

Will it be confirmed in 2010 that this is the start of the tribulation? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we are being “watchmen upon the walls of Jerusalem” to “blow the shofar” and warn people about the significance of the days and times in which we are living. This is the purpose of the 5 minute update.

The following articles are covered in this week’s 5 minute update:

  1. The PLO agrees to start “indirect talks” with Israel on February 20 demanding that the borders of a PLO state be defined upon the conclusion of the talks.
  2. The parameters of the “indirect talks” are given
  3. Two Israeli ships are headed to the Persian gulf
  4. US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:  Michael Mullen visits Israel
  5. The February 2010 issue of YAVOH! magazine

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,

Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah,

Eddie Chumney, Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int’l

Welcome to Watchman of Zion!

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Welcome to Watchman of Zion where we sound the shofar as we watch the current events of our times!