May 19, 2012: Weekly 5 minute update (Audio Only)

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In this week’s 5 minute update, we focused on:

1) The current status of the Israel / PLO peace process
2) The prospects for war with Syria and Iran
3) Greek debt and the prospects for the collapse of the Euro

Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas sent a letter to Israel on April 17 blaming Israel for failure in peace negotiations. Abbas demanded that Israel agree to stop building Jewish homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in order for the Palestinians to resume direct peace talks with Israel. Abbas gave Israel one month to reply to the demands of his letter. Israel responded to the letter this week. The contents of the Israeli letter to the Palestinians was not made public. However, the Palestinians said that Israel did not make any new proposals as Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu maintained his position of direct negotiations with the Palestinians without preconditions. The PLO have threatened to ask the UN General Assembly this summer to recognize a PLO state if Israel did not agree to stop building Jewish homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in their reply letter. The PLO will have to make a decision in the coming weeks if they now want to go to the UN General Assembly.

An agreement to divide Jerusalem and establish a PLO state is a tribulation event.

The link to these articles are as follows:

1) Israel PM replies to Abbas letter on peace process
2) Palestinians: Netanyahu letter on peace a non-starter

The Sunni Muslim opposition against Syrian President Bashar Assad continues to be armed by Persian Gulf nations with cooperation from the United States. The Sunni Muslim Brotherhood is now the dominant opposition group in Syria. Meanwhile, from now until the end of May, one of the largest multinational military exercises will be taking place with 12,000 special operations troops from 17 nations, including the US and other NATO members, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in an operation known as Eager Lion. Russia said that any Western military intervention in Syria or Iran could lead to a nuclear war.

A war with Syria where Damascus is destroyed (Isaiah 17)  is a tribulation event.

The link to these articles is as follows:

1) Muslim Brotherhood in Syria resurrects itself amid revolt in country
2) Syrian rebels get influx of arms with gulf neighbors’ money, U.S. coordination
3) Thousands amass in Jordan for major military exercise
4) Hands off Syria and Iran: Russia

Nuclear talks between Iran and the P5 + 1 powers (US, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany) will take place on May 23 in Iraq. Israel continues to insist that Iran must stop all uranium enrichment. Iran says that it will maintain its right to continue its nuclear program. In defiance, Iran has expanded 20 pct enrichment at its Fordo nuclear site with new centrifuges. The US and Israel have been practicing joint military exercises in preparation for an attack against Iran. It is believed that if Iran doesn’t not agree to halt its nuclear program that Israel will attack Iran prior to the November US elections. In response, Iran is considering a first strike military action against Israel and practiced its first large-scale paratroop drops.  The IAEA plans to visit Iran this week and visit the Iranian nuclear sites as part of preparing for the May 23 nuclear talks. Hopes are for a framework agreement with Iran which will prevent the need for a military attack. As a result of concessions that Iran has received so far in talks with the US, Iran is trying to isolate Israel and buy time to continue enriching uranium for its nuclear program. Iran is boasting that the US is abandoning Israel.

A US war with Iran is a tribulation event.

The link to these articles is as follows:

1) Israel: Iran must commit to stop all enrichment
2) New US battle strategy against Iran in US movements and Israeli drill
3) Iran attack decision nears, Israeli elite locks down
4) Iran to retain absolute nuclear rights
5) Iran to expand 20-pct uranium enrichment at Fordo with new centrifuges
6) Iran Sees Success in Stalling on Nuclear Issue
7) UN nuclear chief to visit Iran for talks
8) Iran Boasts US Has Abandoned Israel
9) Iran drills first large-scale paratroop drops for offensive action

Greece will run out of money in six weeks without an additional bailout. There are Greek elections planned for June 21. If Greek political parties against austerity and working with EU bankers win the election, there is talk of Greece having to leave the Euro which could trigger financial crisis for the Euro and the world.

Worldwide economic collapse resulting in a one world government with one-world currency is a tribulation event.

The link to these articles are as follows:

1) Greece will run out of money soon, warns deputy prime minister
2) Greece headed into ‘out of control bankruptcy’ – govt. salaries and pensions soon to go unpaid
3) Greece Teeters as Talks Fail

From a Biblical prophetic perspective, the reason why the God of Israel would allow these events to happen is because it will result in the end of the exile of the house of Jacob and the reunification of the 12 tribes of Israel (Ephraim and Judah).

We will to be “watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem” and we will not rest until the God of Israel makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth (Isaiah 62).

Shalom in Yeshua the Messiah,

Eddie Chumney
Hebraic Heritage Ministries Int’l

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